Finished Unfinished

Brendan McGorry

02/11/21 to 28/11/21

Brendan McGorry presents Finished Unfinished, a series of conspicuously and deliberately unfinished works. Building upon his exploration of historical art, McGorry references the famed unfinished works by the Old Masters.

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Zara Dolan

05/10/21 to 31/10/21

Dolan’s work presents a dynamic energy - a suspended moment of lively animation. Drawing on abstract expressionist gesture, her mark making is direct and intuitive, mediated only by the application of colour and the printing process.

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Each to each

Stephen Ellis

10/08/21 to 05/09/21

Stephen Ellis has always posed objects on tabletops to create small worlds for his drawings. Now the pandemic has given the domestic interior and the still life a new significance – the world becomes smaller for all of us.

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Viewing Room

multiple artists

13/07/21 to 08/08/21

Julie Cromwell, Freeman White, Mickey Smith, and Ray Haydon.

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Damien Kurth

15/06/21 to 11/07/21

Representational images such as a teacup or a jar from the studio are initially considered to be straightforwardly understood. Instead, Kurth’s skillful and subtle paintings ask for a moment of pause and consideration – a difficult task within a world that is becoming increasingly visually saturated. In doing so he allows for the objects to unfold their own complex intensities and latent intricacies.

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Mystery and Reason: A Retrospective

Alan Pearson

18/05/21 to 13/06/21

Mercurial in nature, Alan Pearson had an ability to switch from expressionist representation to abstraction while revealing the underlying spirit and psyche in a person or place. When discovering a new location and needing to understand and establish the resident form, colour and light, he would use the old academic methods; landscape, still life, life drawing and portraiture. That method formed the basis of any artistic narrative he subsequently chose to articulate. Works in this exhibition span forty-six years of his art practice and express, in visual imagery, his search to give reason to life and the land in which we live

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Sweet and Sour

Kate van der Drift

20/04/21 to 16/05/21

Kate van der Drift's new exhibition Sweet and Sour is a continuation of the artist’s exploration into the fragile ecology and transformation of the Hauraki Plains.

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Molly Timmins

16/03/21 to 18/04/21

Haberdashery utilises embroidery and paint individually, alongside, and in collision with one another in order to blur the line between painting and craft. This is to examine the hierarchies of these materials both on the canvas, and within the art world.

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Emerging Artists 2021

Multiple Artists

26/01/21 to 16/03/21

This exhibition provides a platform for emerging New Zealand artists, giving viewers insight into the practices’ of these talented artists, whose careers are ones to watch. Featuring work by Penelope Civil, Jorden Clifton, North Madison Cowper, John Crouch, Daphne Espiritu, Alora May and John Shen.

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Summer Solstice

multiple artists

08/12/20 to 25/01/21

Summer Solstice presents an artistic forecast for 2021, offering a glimpse into the exciting programme of exhibitions and events that we have in store for the next 12 months. The gallery’s programme for 2020 includes major new exhibitions from our stable, curated group shows, and exhibitions from guest artists, as well as participation at local and international art fairs. Summer Showcase brings together impressive new pieces from our stable of artists in an uplifting exhibition.

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