Spacer by Damien Kurth


Damien Kurth

15 June to 11 July 2021

“I use the square to begin my solutions because a square is a non-choice, really. In the course of development , I search for the forces that would disapprove the square..."

Louis Kahn 

For many people, the recent shared experience of national and global lockdowns provided the opportunity to slow down, observe and reflect. For Damien Kurth this experience amplified his desire to express the notability within the ordinary by emphasizing the austerity and banality of domestic objects. 

Representational images such as a teacup or a jar from the studio are initially considered to be straightforwardly understood. Instead, Kurth’s skillful and subtle paintings ask for a moment of pause and consideration – a difficult task within a world that is becoming increasingly visually saturated. In doing so he allows for the objects to unfold their own complex intensities and latent intricacies. 

In his new exhibition Spacer, Kurth reflects on these conceptual themes of his practice whilst evolving his mastery of the representational image through various notions of painting. 

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