Sort by Damien Kurth


Damien Kurth

13 October to 08 November 2020

Damien Kurth’s practice explores the over-looked and understated beauty of the common place and largely unremarkable household items that reside in his studio.  
In his work, the artist offers us a unique perspective; when looking at his painting you simultaneously occupy the perspective of painter and art viewer. Kurth’s compositions are orderly and minimal and so too are the items depicted. Though these jars and bottles no longer have their labels, Kurth humorously includes vessels – like gherkin and jam jars-  that are instantly recognisable to his viewers. Placing these familiar objects in his work, Kurth invites the viewer to revisit these repurposed jars and bottles and see them as both a piece of art as well  as the same very tools he used on the painting. 
In his new exhibition Sort, the artist furthers his investigation on textures, mark making and traditional painting methods (namely using a traditional gesso). Through this, Kurth intendeds to solidify his representational painting practise while extending the conceptual themes that surround his work.  

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