Line to Plane by Karyn Taylor

Line to Plane

Karyn Taylor

28 June to 17 July 2016

Line to Plane is an exhibition showcasing new works from artist Kāryn Taylor. In this new body of work Kāryn is further investigating geometric space, notions of defined reality and the desire for logical outcomes. Taylor’s works seem to be made with some form of magic – a glowing line appears illuminated with no visible power source – for this reason the works often instill a sense of disbelief and wonder. Taylor states “A line can be seen as a one dimensional trace of a single point, a plane as a two dimensional flat surface, together they can be used to describe a three dimensional solid. These elements form a language of reason, which I use in an attempt to make sense of the ambiguities of reality, space and time. I’m interested in the collapse of logic and our insistence in gathering it back up as soon as we think we have dropped it.” This simplification of how we examine and determine space seems as though it could be used to both create and answer the most complex of questions.

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